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Meet Sonal


Inspiring business leaders to identify their purpose and guiding them toward the achievement of meaningful success and contribution to others.

Hello, brilliant people! I’m Sonal, a leadership & lifestyle coach, speaker, trainer, author, and Founder of Tru You!


Each of us has a true version of who we really are. I have always been incredibly passionate about shaping the lives of others by teaching people of all ages how to discover their true gifts and step into their personal best. I do this through creative education, collecting and connecting people, driven by my motto, “How can I help you?”


I have designed and delivered coaching and training sessions for Fortune 500 companies such as Eli Lilly, as well as Toastmasters International, Insperity, Big Brother Big Sister, Project Management Institute, and others. 

With industries growing and changing every day, I teach organizations how to implement “soft skills” such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, and leadership in a way that is customized to fit with their specific company culture. This helps to drive success and continuous improvement for leaders which directly and indirectly affects productivity and achievement of organizational objectives.


I have relentlessly pursued excellence in everything I desired--and trust me, it hasn’t been an easy journey. With a passion for knowledge I entered the education field as a high school science teacher. There I fell in love with sharing the knowledge I gained and my love of learning with others. After 9 years of teaching, earning a Master’s degree, and being tenured, a devastating health diagnosis caused a sudden change in my life. I was forced to pause and ask myself, “Where do I go from here?” I had two choices: find a corner and hide from the world or pivot. And so the next 17 years came with jobs I sought and jobs I lost due to LIFE happenings, but even when I was scared and discouraged, I knew I had to adapt and adapt I did. This is when I began to explore and realized that I wanted more--I sought to make a deeper impact on the world.


I now work with groups and individuals on professional development, communication, and leadership, Emotional Intelligence, confidence building, behavior, and image. 


Tru You is dedicated to inspiring business leaders to identify their purpose and guide them toward the achievement of meaningful success and contribution to others.

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What a others have to say...


“Sonal’s guidance puts us ahead of the curve by immediately finding and sharing her resources, including her people who support us in refining our gifts. And Sonal has A LOT of people and resources.” - N.J.

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Sonal's signature PURPOSE creation meetings. Our newly formed department had a subset of five different areas but never really worked together as a cohesive unit- until we met Sonal! Our manager group spent the day learning each other's personality styles, understanding how each team functions, and by the end of the day we walked away with a collective purpose & knowing how we each contribute to the big picture. Thank you, Sonal for helping us see our collective PURPOSE!”  - Angel Henry, IT Manager

"I have come to know Sonal as a resident thought leader and innovator in the development of "soft skills" for professionals. Sonal blends the wisdom of the industry's most well-known resources (Patrick Lencioni, Daniel Goleman, etc.) with a fascinating bevy of personal and professional experiences to create an energizing and customized event.

Sonal has also been most gracious in extending her time and talent to help me grow individually, leveraging her own diverse background and rigorous study of best practices. I highly recommend extending an invitation to Sonal as a speaker, facilitator, or consultant to aid in professional development for your staff."  -
Jason Ward, Chief Innovation Officer at Rocketbuild

Awards & Recognition


I was honored to be nominated by Women & Hi Tech for the following awards:

Equity and Inclusion Champion Award 

Rising Star Award

You Inspire Us! Award 

Outstanding Achievement in STEM Award 

I was BLOWN AWAY to be announced the recipient of the Equity and Inclusion Champion Award. This is an organization that exists to change the landscape of women represented in STEM to be equally inclusive to all. And I am incredibly proud to be an Equity and Inclusion Champion in all that I do. 

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It's an amazing feeling to be recognized. So, when I got the email that said:

"Coach Foundation has recognized Sonal Sheth Zawahri expertise in Lifestyle Coach by selecting her as a top coach."

I was stunned and then proud and THEN, I was reminded that the work I do impacts the careers, relationships and LIVES of my clients and audiences. 


From Coach Foundation:


"A lifestyle coach is a professional who helps people to decode their dreams, identify their strengths and weaknesses, create and achieve their goals, improve their emotional and physical health, deepen their relationships and take control over their lives and provide them with a life they truly love."   

This is exactly what I strive to do. I have always been incredibly passionate about shaping the lives of others by teaching people of all ages how to discover their true gifts and step into their personal best.

Thank you Coach Foundation for showing me that my work is having an impact. 


Why Sonal?

When you are looking for a high-content, high-energy speaker with customized topics to impact your team, Sonal is the right choice!

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