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WTHR Channel 13 with Gina Glaros & Matthew Fultz

Moments to Momentum with Scott Abbott

In this fun, insightful, and expansive episode of Moments to Momentum, Sonal talks with Scott Abbott about stretching for success, growing up with immigrant parents from India, moving to Oxford, Ohio in the middle of the night, her commitment to hard work, and a pivotal moment during her first job out of college that taught her about Imposter Syndrome, “leading from where you are,” and emotional intelligence.

Business Talk Radio with Arthur Shaeffer

Business Talk Radio host Arthur Shaeffer interviews Sonal on EI and how to S.T.R.E.T.C.H. outside of your comfort zone.

Business Talk Radio's Arthur Shaeffer Interviews SonalBusiness Talk Radio
00:00 / 10:35

Circle City Success

Circle City Success is The Podcast for Indy’s Young Professionals. Our mission is to interview successful people in the Indianapolis area and share their knowledge and experience with Indianapolis’ young professional community. 

Business Talk Radio Interview - Jill Nicolini-and-Sonal-Sheth-Zawahri-11-30-20lBusiness Talk Radio
00:00 / 30:30

Business Talk Radio with Jill Nicolini  

Business Talk Radio host Jill Nicolini conducts an extended interview with Sonal on Emotional Intelligence, running a business and perserverance.

WHMB TV-40's

Real People, Real Voices

Emotional Intelligence

The athLEDA Foundation

Starfish Initiative Keynote

March 2019

Your Working Life Podcast w/ Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Everyday Leaders with Melahni Ake

Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter



Audacity Leadership Training

Bring Your Brilliance with Carla Taylor: E.I.

Bring Your Brilliance with Carla Taylor: Calm

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