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The Tru You Crew

The reality of being an entrepreneuer, or solopreneur, is that it takes more than one person to create success. I am a people collector, and it is my core belief that it truly takes a village and a varierty of perspectives to allow us to step into the best version of who we are. At Tru You I take great pride in, and give gratitude for, those who have been and continue to be an integral part of my journey. This page is just the beginning, celebrating and supporting the talents of those individuals who have contributed to my success. My vision is to have this page become a chapter. The best way to thank others is to be an ambassador for them. Please spread the word and call on these folks so that you can experience their greatness yourself. Let's all rise to success, together!  

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Note from Sonal:


Aisha Cargile has been instrumental in bringing Tru You and Have You Stretched Today to where it is. As a Thinking Partner she is unparalleled at seeing the possibilities and helping clients optimize their available resources.

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Tiffany Green Consulting, provides Tru You with incredibe support in creating powerpoint presentations and templates. With her incredible skill and talent in brand marketing, Tiffany has an eye for what my presentations NEED to look like. Tiffany is also the proud owner and founder of The Hoppy Vine, and as the owner of multiple enterprises herself, Tiffany understands that not all audiences are the same and not all content will reach and connect with all audiences. ​


You can connect with Tiffany on LinkedIn

Note from Sonal:


Tiffany is incredibly brilliant and has such a fresh perspective on everything that she does. She was able to create my master design template that I can now use for all of my trainings. Her style is modern, clean and vibrant. She is such an incredible asset to my Tru You Crew!

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Bluzign is a Graphic Design company with over a decade of experience helping companies meet their design and marketing needs one concept at a time. They provide a wide array of services: logos, business card design, book covers and flyers, and more. Nate, Bluzign's founder, looks forward to providing you with his expertise and creative vision.


Please reach out to him via email, on LinkedIn or via phone at 317-413-8903.

Note from Sonal:


Nate has been invaluable in creating Have You Stretched Today's visual media. From logo design to video editing, Nate's consultative style of creation has been great to work with.

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Faith McKinney helps people, introverts and extroverts, learn how to connect with decision makers. Faith is the author of Schmingling: The Art of Being Well-Connected through Blatant Self-Promotion.


You can Connect With Faith on, Facebook, LinkedIn or by email or call 317-626-0316

Note from Sonal:


Since the beginning Faith has a key component in helping me position Tru You and Have You Stretched Today. From media appearances to networking to creating social proof, Faith is truly a connector and PR guru.

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VA on the Spot provides administrative and creative support to small businesses and non-profit organizations. From transcribing audio notes to creating and formatting powerpoint presentations to social media management. Bethany is an artist, heart and soul. 

You can connect with Bethany and the VA on the Spot team at

Note from Sonal:


Bethany Berghofer, co-founder of VA on the Spot is incredible. Her boundless energy, creativity and enthusiasm is contagious. Those in need of help launching their business or transitioning creative ideas to tangible product would benefit greatly from Bethany's expertise, and the experience of this highly skilled team.  

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The NnennaJ Effect offers brand development, creative direction, publication and marketing collateral design. Founder Nnenna Jemie works directly with clients to show themselves and their brand to the best effect. 


Connect with Nnenna on LinkedIn.

Note from Sonal:


Nnenna’s hands-on approach to working with clients was exactly what I needed to complete a crunch time project. With limited time available, Nnenna worked with me every step of the way to ensure that the final product met all of my criteria. Her willingness to communicate and collaborate with third-party vendors, to make revisions when my needs changed and to proactively make suggestions when I was unclear about my exact vision were invaluable. Because of her work and commitment to executing my projects with excellence, I had the promotional, print and digital, material I needed in time and perfectly executed. 

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Amber Peckham is a professional writer and artist with experience in content marketing, journalism, profiling, reporting, and web writing. She also loves both developmental and copy editing for fiction and nonfiction full-length manuscripts. Her passion is helping individuals or brands excavate their own voice and achieve greater confidence and impact using the written word.


Connect with Amber on her website or on LinkedIn.

Note from Sonal:


As my editor, Amber has been an incredible asset to my writing and publishing journey. Her ability to edit my work while maintaining the authenticity of my voice is remarkable. From transcribing my numerous audio memos to editing my publishing materials, Amber is a superb writing partner. If you are looking for someone to help you write and edit your next book make sure you reach out to her!

Why Sonal?

When you are looking for a high-content, high-energy speaker with customized topics to impact your team, Sonal is the right choice!

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