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Coaching is about...


  • Moving Forward: Resisting the instinct to stagnate or return to old habits


  • Taking Action: Making a decision to step into action and achieve the goals you've set


  • Acknowledgment: Acknowledging and honoring where you are while working toward your future


  • Removing Obstacles: Identifying what stands in your way and then moving around it, climbing over it or breaking through it.

Group Coaching:

Connecting the Dots

Being able to attend training, workshops and interactive meetings can be an awesome opportunity. But what happens after the training is done? How do we work as a team and organization to retain what we learned and implement it? 


“Connecting the Dots”, a group coaching program, will allow for just that. It will give each member of the team an opportunity to practice what was learned in their training and directly apply it to their current job. (Real-time)


Groups of 5 are ideal in order to allow the team to collaborate and learn from each other.

1:1 Coaching:

The individual coaching model is designed for those that are ready and committed to working toward their personal or professional goals, and working through existing roadblocks. We will work together to empower you to select the best options to live your purpose statement and achieve your vision. I am here as your coach to support you and act as a sounding board.

Power Hour

with Sonal:

Are you unsure about whether you need long term coaching or just an hour with a coach to get on track? Start with a Power Hour, an intense hour identifying where you are, where you want to go and what your next steps are. Leave your Power Hour with Sonal ready to take action.

Next Step

You are ready to take the next step towards achieving your goals! Contact us with your questions or schedule a consultation.

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