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Emotional Intelligence
Speaker | Author | Coach

Equity & Inclusion Champion

Data from the field of social psychology demonstrates that leaders who prioritize relationships with their employees and lead from a place of positivity and kindness simply do better. 

- Harvard Business Review

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It's an amazing feeling to be recognized. So, when I got the email that said:​

"Coach Foundation has recognized Sonal Sheth Zawahri expertise in Lifestyle Coach by selecting her as a top coach."

I was stunned and then proud and THEN, I was reminded that the work I do impacts the careers, relationships and LIVES of my clients and audiences. 

Are you ready to have a Transformational Experience

and STRETCH outside of your comfort zone?

Doing the same thing day in and day out, no matter how comfortable often leads to a lack of motivation, energy and productivity. Stretching outside of our comfort zones to learn and experience new things is the number one factor in remaining engaged, staying relevant and innovating.​

Have YOU stretched today?

The Sonal Experience

Taking your personal and professional lives to the next level


Start with my FREE
S.T.R.E.T.C.H. Guide & Discover 7 steps to harness your power in life and work


Get my FREE S.T.R.E.T.C.H. Guide

and Discover 7 steps to harness your power in life and work

Stretching For Success Workbook:

7 Steps to STRETCH Beyond Your Comfort Zone and Harness Your Power in Life and Work 

With our focus on health and wellness today, we spend a lot of our resources discovering and engaging in ways to move and stretch our bodies. It’s easy to forget that there needs to be a balance and that it is just as important to stretch our minds.

What do we need to stretch our minds? Find out as this workbook guides you through a step-by-step, exercise-by-exercise process designed to help you grow into your potential and see SHIFT happen. 

It starts with intention. Do you want to be an even better version of yourself? Do you want to improve your leadership and communication skills? Do you want to have greater insight into (and influence with) the people you consistently interact with? To do this, you need to set your intention to stretch and take the next step in that process. This workbook helps you do just that. You are now on the path to learning how to be open to something different and creating a new vision of how things can be done.

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