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Val-U Cards (30 Card Deck)

Show them that you see their Val-U



When was the last time you really wanted to tell someone on your team or in your organization how you much you valued their contribution, but you either didn’t know how to say it or you simply didn’t get a chance to do so? Val-U cards provide a unique opportunity to deliver a tangible expression of your appreciation. They are designed to acknowledge the talent and hardwork of the people in your organization.


Based on Tru You’s 5 key Leadership Categories, COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, CULTIVATE, MOTIVATE, and INNOVATE, Val-U Cards are a fast and simple way to share positive encouragement and appreciation to those you work with.


This 30 card deck will provide you with 30 unique expressions of appreciation, that will allow you to communicate to each person how you experience and Val-U them. These cards were made to be shared. Hand them to, or leave them for, those people in your life you truly value.


Living in a virtual world? No worries, just send one of these pocket-sized Val-U Cards in the mail today and make their day!


Have multiple teams? Order multiple decks and provide your team leads with the opportunity to show their appreciation.


Need more ideas? Let me know. I'm here to help.

Val-U Cards

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