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The athLEDA Foundation: The Embodiment of Stretching

We have been planning to launch the Have You Stretched Today blog for a while now. And I am so happy to have the inaugural post be about giving back and supporting those who are striving to do and be better. After all, being open to growth is what STRETCHING is all about! There will be many posts in this blog about stretching in general as well as posts about Emotional Intelligence and how they so beautifully work together!

I will also be celebrating and spotlighting some very specific examples of people that I catch stretching out of their comfort zones and opening their world to new ideas. Sure, they may experience success, but they may also experience beautiful failure that will allow them to learn some really awesome lessons. I will call this my #caughtyoustretching series!. But today, on Giving Tuesday, I want to share with you a dynamic, gritty grassroots nonprofit , that I am very passionate about.

The athLEDA Foundation is a national nonprofit that is near and dear to my heart. It’s leaders, volunteers and participants embody the principles of a growth mindset. AthLEDA is a non-profit organization (NPO) that focuses primarily on working with student athletes to help them take the skills and grit they learn on the playing field and apply them to achieving success in the next chapter of their lives off the field. Through coaching, mentorship, networking and on-going support athLEDA helps its participants continue to set and reach their goals once they leave the support system of academia behind. Regardless of race, gender, physical ability, religion or socio-economic background athLEDA helps their members STRETCH beyond their current circumstances.

As an outpouring of my passion for developing emotional intelligence in leaders who are willing to stretch, I joined this dynamic, gritty, grassroots nonprofit and I have loved every moment of it. AthLEDA is a passion and a purpose, focused on developing a pipeline of future leaders who celebrate their differences as their strengths.

This is a program I fully support and on today, Giving Tuesday and beyond, I hope you support them with me.

For more information on this incredible program and to learn how you can help , visit

Know someone who would benefit from athLEDA’s programs, have them take athLEDA’s free Leadership Assessment.


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